Meet Ahmad

15 November 2022


"Sanocon gives me several opportunities for development, both at work and as a person."

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What do you work with?

My roll att Sanocon is Remediation technicians.
In this role, I am responsible for cleaning tanks that have been filled with products such as oil.
We use Tank Tech equipment to clean as resource-efficiently as possible.

A day at Sanocon is always progressive!

I work closely with my colleagues, who are all nice and funny
- there will be many wonderful moments with laughter and energy!

Why Sanocon

I started my career at Sanocon when I did a summer job in 2021.

The idea was not to stay after the summer, but the fun work and development opportunities made me not want to stop!

I recommend everyone who values ​​sustainability and community to apply for a job at Sanocon!