Work environment and environmental policy

Our Environment & Quality Manual with a well-articulated policy is the hub of our work. It guarantees satisfied customers, satisfied employees and continued good development of our company. We are the obvious choice of environmental partner for both private individuals and companies.

It is Sanocon Miljö & Sanering AB's basic policy to manage our corporate responsibility and effectively protect our employees, our customers and our nature and environment.

We shall do this by:

  • Complying with applicable laws is a minimum, but if required, we set higher requirements to comply with our basic policy.
  • Assess potential safety, health and environmental impacts of our operations and take these assessments into account in planning, decisions and processes.
  • Design, develop and manage our operations with the intention of minimizing the impact on the environment. To efficiently use energy, water and other resources; minimize or prevent emissions, limit waste volumes; and all waste must be handled responsibly.
  • Work with continuous improvements of our work environment and external environment by developing our methods and goals and examining and evaluating our actions.
  • Cooperate with authorities and other stakeholders regarding safety, health and environmental aspects of our operations.
  • Lead and train our employees when necessary, to meet our regulations regarding work environment and environmental impact.
  • Ensuring employees take responsibility for their actions in relation to the work environment and the environment.