License for commercial traffic

There are requirements when applying for a professional traffic permit

We fulfill them!

In order to operate professional traffic, you must have a professional traffic permit. It is the Swedish Transport Agency that issues it. There are essentially four parameters that are tested in order to be approved:

  • actual and permanent establishment
  • professional skills
  • Economic relationships
  • reputation

Actual and permanent establishment

The criteria is to have a place of business with associated premises in which to store your company information. Documents to be kept are e.g. information on driving and rest times, special accounts and personnel documents. You must have a vehicle for the business as soon as the professional traffic permit is issued.

Professional skills

A traffic manager must be appointed. There are special requirements for professional skills that must be met in order to be approved as a traffic officer.

Economic relationships

In order to get a traffic permit, it is required that you have the resources to run the company, in addition to the statutory share capital for a limited company, supplements apply to all vehicles you have. If you have a vehicle, you must have capital and reserves of at least 9,000 euros, in addition, 5,000 euros are required for each individual vehicle. The exchange rate is determined in Swedish kronor before each calendar year and is regulated in the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations.


In order to be granted a professional traffic permit, a good reputation is required. This means i.a. that the Transport Agency collects data from the National Police Agency's suspicion and charge register, the road traffic register, the Swedish Companies Registration Office's register and the enforcement agency's register.

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