Overfill protection, level gauges and level alarms, we have everything for your cistern and oil separator. 

With our comprehensive service, you conveniently get parts exchanged if we are still on site for service. We also offer extra corrosion protection, which means you get a 12-year inspection interval instead of 6 years. With Sanocon, you simply always get flexible solutions. 

We offer flexible overall service

It is common for a tank owner to gauge his tank with a ruler or similar when the level gauge has stopped working. But it is not necessary - it is easy to change the meter instead. If we are on site, we will also assemble it for you free of charge. If you want full control, then a digital level meter applies, which reads the volume, calculates how much can be filled in the cistern and the average consumption. It also calculates cost and how long the product in the tank lasts. In connection with tank inspection, you pay nothing for the installation.


Corrosion protection for increased safety

We can also upgrade the safety of your facility with corrosion protection, which doubles the time intervals for inspection. If you have a steel cistern today, we can offer you protection that means you get a 12-year inspection interval instead of 6 years. In the case of a water protection area, half the time intervals apply.

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