Waste disposal

Does your company need help with waste management?

We offer waste management for companies throughout Sweden. We have the experience, technology and knowledge of how waste management should be carried out in the most environmentally and cost-effective way.

What is waste management?

Waste management is, as the name suggests, the management of waste in various forms; from households as well as from industries. In Sweden, it is up to each municipality to be responsible for waste and rubbish being taken care of in an appropriate way.

In the EU's waste hierarchy, there is a priority order for how waste management should be designed. In the first place, it prioritizes preventing the generation of waste at all. When waste is generated, it must first be reused if possible and secondarily recycled.

Sustainable waste management with different methods

There is no general solution for how all waste should be handled, waste management takes place according to the characteristics of the waste. Factors such as the type of waste involved, local and geographical conditions, how well the waste is sorted and whether it is suitable for treatment influence here. The technology used at each treatment facility also plays a role.

Based on geographical, environmental, technical and socioeconomic assessment, landfilling may be the most appropriate treatment method.

We always carry out waste management according to the method most suitable for each individual assignment.