Classification and labeling of hazardous waste

We perform classification and labeling of hazardous waste

How hazardous waste is classified and labeled is of utmost importance before transport. The UN's recommendations are the basis for current packaging and transport regulations.

We offer a wide and comprehensive range of services in terms of classification and labeling of hazardous waste, which meet the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods.

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Labeling of hazardous waste - what does it mean?

It is the sender who is responsible for the packaging being approved for the substance to be transported. The packaging becomes type-approved after undergoing a mandatory inspection and then receives its marking. Packaging containing dangerous goods must be marked with the dangerous goods symbol, UN number (read more about UN numbers below) and the official name of the dangerous goods-classified substance or product. The packaging must also be marked with the correct type approval.

UN numbers identify dangerous substances and products

A UN number consists of four numbers, which identify dangerous substances and products. UN numbers are used internationally in trade and through the UN number you get direct information about how the package should be marked, what information needs to be entered in the transport document and what restrictions apply.

For dangerous goods, packaging can be in the form of cans, IBC containers, barrels, boxes and sacks.