Transport of hazardous waste

Do you need help with the transport of hazardous waste?

SANOCON has a high level of professionalism in the handling of hazardous waste and the transport of dangerous goods. We take great environmental and quality responsibility and always use the best technical aids, which are handled by knowledgeable and responsible personnel.

We always offer resource- and environmentally-friendly solutions and are available throughout Sweden.

What applies to the transport of hazardous waste?

A permit or a notification is always required for professional transport of hazardous waste and other waste. Professional transport means transporting someone else's waste.

Registration or permission is sought from the county administrative board in the county where the business is conducted or where the main part of the business is conducted. The driver must have an ADR driver's certificate, i.e. permission to drive dangerous goods.

Transport documents for the transport of hazardous waste

Transport of large quantities of waste during a calendar year (more than 10 tons or 50 cubic meters) or more than 100 kg/100 l of hazardous waste within Sweden must always be accompanied by a transport document. For smaller volumes per calendar year, one notification is sufficient.

We meet all the requirements and regulations required for the transport of hazardous waste. With us, handling is in safe hands!