Environmental remediation

High-quality environmental remediation

Has there been an accident and soil or water has been contaminated? Do you have a fleet of machines that need cleaning / washing? In any case, we possess a very high level of competence in the field of environmental remediation.

Environmental cleanup of hazardous waste

SANOCON has extensive experience in remediation work with hazardous waste.

Preventive work with training and consultation helps to minimize accidents and emissions, but if it still happens, you can safely turn to us with big or small, urgent or old.

We have extensive experience in environmental remediation of old contaminated land at, for example, disused gas stations or industrial sites, or in handling complicated leaks/releases of oil at water sources or other sensitive environments. We work with proven and approved methods to minimize environmental impact.

Environmental care with resource-efficient solutions

We have a strong focus on always being able to offer our customers environmentally and resource-friendly solutions. Today, SANOCON conducts operations in most service areas throughout the country and where we have less of our own presence, we work with partners approved by us.

Contact us and we will help you in the best possible way, for both you and the environment.

Why choose SANOCON for environmental remediation?

  • Modern environmental company with cost- and environment-saving solutions
  • Leader in the development of our various services
  • Best technological aids
  • High availability throughout Sweden