Oil separator

We carry out inspections of oil separators

According to SS-EN 858, oil separators must be checked every 6 months and a major inspection with tightness testing every 5 years. We are authorized by the industry organization STOR to carry out these checks.

Operator responsibility for the oil separator

Keep in mind that it is the operator who is responsible for the oil separator, even if the property is owned by someone else. If several operators share an oil separator, the supervisory authority can impose requirements on each of the operators.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency advocates that operators draw up an emptying agreement with an approved contractor. You can read more about oil separators in the Environmental Protection Agency's fact sheet.

Emptying agreement with 100% discount!

With us, you can sign a five-year emptying agreement where you get back the entire cost of the 5-year inspection within 5 years.

For every 6-month emptying, you get back 10% of previously paid control costs. After 5 years (ten 6-month emptyings), you have received back the entire cost of the inspection. The price of the emptying contract is dependent on volume. Destruction costs are added according to local tax.

Contact us for other time-limited agreements, we have many flexible solutions that we can offer you.