High pressure flushing

Environmentally friendly high-pressure flushing

When we at Sanocon stem coils, we use high-pressure flushing. The method does not contain any additives but ordinary hot water, where everything is based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 series based on the best environmental thinking.

The result of the trunk flushing is that you have no grease or deposits left in your pipes, they will be like new again. A healthy drain reduces the risk of water damage and at the same time reduces the risk of having to replace the drain.

We are available throughout Sweden and can quickly be on site, either for preventive purposes or if the accident is a fact.


Why high pressure flushing?

With high-pressure flushing, the sewage system is cleaned of grease, deposits and other things that can cause costly and time-consuming blockages in the pipes and, in the worst case, lead to flooding. It is an environmentally friendly method because only hot water is used, completely free of additives and the sewage system becomes effectively clean and fresh again.

Feel free to hire us for regular high-pressure flushing for preventive purposes, so the risk of costly stoppages due to clogged pipes or flooding is drastically reduced.

High pressure flushing with SANOCON

  • Environmentally friendly method with superior results
  • Based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 series
  • We are available throughout Sweden