Cisterns & oil tanks


We offer several services related to cisterns and oil tanks

We work throughout Sweden where we carry out checks, cleaning and repairs of cisterns and oil tanks. We help you act preventively and provide you with cost-effective solutions, in industry as well as at private facilities.

Rules for the control of cisterns and oil tanks

Cisterns and oil tanks are designated for various types of attack during their lifetime. Attacks that require action. Avoiding leakage and damage through preventive work is both a time- and cost-effective measure.

All cisterns that contain flammable goods and that have a volume that exceeds 1 m3 must be checked by law. Inspections by an accredited inspection body are required for the inspection of cisterns and oil tanks.

How often your particular cistern should be checked depends on factors such as what corrosion protection the facility has; the control intervals are determined based on the weakest part of the installation with corrosion protection. Another factor is whether the facility is located outside or within a water protection area.

We offer cleaning, inspection and renovation of cisterns and oil tanks, where we transport the waste to an approved treatment facility. Sanocon Miljö & Sanering holds all the permits, certifications and accreditations required within the business.

Control bodies must be engaged when:

  • There is a new installation of a cistern
  • A cistern must be replaced
  • A cistern is to be moved
  • The cistern has been repaired for damage
  • There is a suspected damage to the cistern
  • There is a reconditioning of the cistern
  • You need a recurring check of the cistern

The copy of the inspection report that you receive should be sent to the Environmental and Community Planning Board after the inspection has been carried out.

Cistern and tank cleaning

We carry out cleaning all year round. The plant only needs to be switched off during the time there is no oil in the cistern. You will not notice any difference in your indoor climate.

Cistern and tank inspection

We can help you keep track of when inspections must be done and to detect any risks or deficiencies, as well as remedy these immediately when we are on site.

Cistern & tank renovation

If the cistern has rust damage, you can usually fix it, usually we can offer that service when we are still on site.

Inspection of oil separator

According to SS-EN 858, oil separators must be checked every 6 months and a major inspection with tightness testing every 5 years. We are authorized by the industry organization STOR to carry out these checks.