Hazardous waste & dangerous goods

If you need help getting rid of hazardous waste - call us!

Hazardous waste is generated in most of our areas of operation. We analyze needs, handle and transport according to current rules and regulations.

With our own vehicles, we transport to the most suitable reception facility, based on environmental and economic decisions.

What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is waste of environmentally hazardous substances with different types of properties. It can, for example, be flammable, corrosive, infectious, carcinogenic and ecotoxic substances. They are simply substances that can harm people, animals and the environment if handled incorrectly and left in the wrong place. Hazardous waste must be left for a special collection and must not be thrown away with other waste or flushed down the drain.

Examples of hazardous waste

  • Toxic/flammable materials
  • Everything powered by cord or battery
  • Cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Oil

The difference between hazardous waste and dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are the above-mentioned substances, which can cause damage to people, animals, the environment and property, if they are not transported correctly.

MSB's regulations state the requirements for transporting dangerous goods. These requirements include packaging, labeling, loading/unloading, transport insurance, type of vehicle, driver, etc.

We help you with environmental reporting

New reporting requirements to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency have been introduced. We do this reporting for our customers when we have carried out a transport of hazardous waste.

The new requirements mean, among other things, that the business that produces, transports, collects, brokers, trades or treats hazardous waste is obliged to record the information specified in Chapter 6 §§ 1 – 5 of the waste ordinance (2020:614). Anyone who is obliged to keep a record must also report the data to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's waste register.

We ensure that all reports are completed and submitted correctly.