About us

What we do, we do for you and the environment

Sanocon Miljö & Sanering is an accredited environmental company that works throughout Sweden. We carry out checks, cleaning and repairs of cisterns and oil separators. We also work with cleanup, handling and transport of hazardous waste as well as high-pressure flushing. Always with the best interests of our customers and the environment in mind.

Preventive and cost-effective solutions

We care a little extra about our customers, our customers' facilities and the environment. We demonstrate this by working preventively and cost-effectively by helping with:

  • Inspection and clean-up of, among other things cisterns and separators in industry or at private facilities
  • Help to keep track of when inspections need to be done and to spot any risks or deficiencies, plus we can fix these right away when we're on site
  • We handle transport and hazardous waste professionally
  • Cleans up when something has gone wrong and works to prevent it from going wrong We have made ourselves known as very knowledgeable and for maintaining a high level of availability throughout Sweden.

Leader in environmental protection

Environmental and quality responsibility has always been one of Sanocon's hallmarks and we are constantly working on development in the area.

Our goal is to become even better, to always be at the forefront of development in our areas, to offer the best technical aids at every opportunity and to provide knowledgeable and responsible personnel. By always working closely with our customers, it is easier for us to maintain our position as one of the leading companies in our industry. Our aim is to offer our customers environmentally and resource-friendly solutions, whether it concerns environmentally-friendly production, environmental management and training or sorting, recycling, environmentally-friendly disposal of waste.

We have a strong focus on always being able to offer our customers environmentally and resource-friendly solutions. Today, SANOCON conducts operations in most service areas throughout the country and where we have less of our own presence, we work with partners approved by us.