Sweden's best environmental care

Sanocon Miljö & Sanering is an accredited and leading environmental company that operates throughout Sweden. We pay a little extra attention to our customers and their facilities and work preventively and cost-effectively with the best of the environment in mind.

With us, you can count on getting the best environmentally and resource-friendly solutions.

High competence in cleaning

If the accident has occurred and land or water has become contaminated, if your machinery needs to be cleaned and washed, or hazardous waste needs to be taken care of, then we have a very high level of competence in the area of ​​cleaning. Our methods are well tested and approved and we always work to minimize our environmental impact.

We help you in the best possible way, for you as well as for the environment.

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Cistern and tank inspection

We are accredited by SWEDAC for cistern and tank inspections.

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Cistern cleaning & Tank cleaning

We carry out cistern and tank cleaning in the right way, so that production functions optimally.

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Cistern & tank renovation

Repair the cistern or remove it? We carry out tank renovations, as well as dismantling if necessary.

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Corrosion protection

We can upgrade the safety of your facility with corrosion protection.

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Level gauge

We offer flexible level gauges, which we install free of charge if we are on site.


Overfill protection

We offer overfill protection in different formats adapted to different products

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Waste disposal

Vi vet hur avfallshanteringen ska genomföras på det mest miljö- och kostnadseffektiva sättet.


Classification and labeling of hazardous waste

We offer classification and labeling of hazardous waste, which meets the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods.

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Transport of hazardous waste

We always offer resource- and environmentally-friendly solutions, with the latest technical aids.


Environmental remediation

Vi har hög kompetens och använder beprövade och godkända metoder vid miljösanering.

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Oil separator

We have many flexible solutions to offer for checking oil separators.

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High pressure flushing

We can quickly be on site for high-pressure flushing, for preventive purposes or if the accident is imminent.

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Pipe inspection

Blockage in the sewage? Then a pipe inspection can provide the answer.

Environmental care & cleanup since 2014

Environmental care and cleanup have been our expertise since the start in 2014, where environmental and quality responsibility is part of our backbone.

We at Sanocon constantly work with development in environmental care and strive to always be better. We must be at the forefront of the development of our areas and we must always offer the best technical aids, which are handled by committed and responsible employees.

We can help you with most things related to environmental care:

  • Controls and inspections; Ensures operation and quality
  • Preventive work with training and consultation, which contributes to minimizing accidents and emissions
  • Cleaning of cisterns and tanks
  • Repairs of tanks and oil separators; in industry as well as private facilities
  • Dismantling of cisterns
  • Environmental remediation; of old contaminated soil at e.g. disused gas stations or industrial sites, dealing with complicated leaks/releases of oil at water sources or other sensitive environments
  • Management of transportation of hazardous waste; We hold all the necessary permits according to current rules and regulations
  • Högtrycksspolning; Vi utför högtrycksspolning där allting utgår utefter ISO 9001 och ISO 14000-serien utifrån bästa miljötänk